Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Guarantee of Service

We are confident in our work and are committed to providing superior service. Family First Cleaning offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us immediately or within 24 hours and we will make it right.

Payment Options

Methods of payment accepted are Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, American Express. Please make all checks payable to Family First Cleaning. Payment for service is due on or before the day of service. A 5% per month late fee will be assessed for late payment. A minimum charge of $35.00 dollars will be charged for returned checks in addition to any outstanding amounts.

Confidentiality and Security Policy

The safety of our clients and cleaners is paramount at Denton Cleaning. We maintain a strict policy regarding the privacy of our clientele. We guarantee discretion and do not share information. We do not allow anyone into the residence without explicit direction from our client. We also ask that you inform the office of expected service and delivery persons or if someone will be in the home working or visiting upon cleaners’ arrival. Cleaners must wear shoes to be in compliance with government safety standards. Keys to residence or facility are coded and do not have personal information on key tags. Please advise of anything in the home that is not working properly (glass shower door falls off hinges when opened, hot water faucet is reversed with cold water, exposed wiring, picture frame is already broken and should not be moved, etc.)

Cancellation Policy


We require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice (holidays and weekends included). If you need to cancel or would like to reschedule your appointment please phone or email the office directly.

Cancellation fees will be billed as follows:

Full minimum cleaning fee will be billed on the day of cleaning if the cleaner is unable to gain access to the establishment or home, if the key has not been left with the doorman or agreed upon location, if the post-renovation contractor or other contracting crew have not completed work according to schedule and our cleaning crew is on site.
A charge of 50% of service will be charged if the 48-hour cancellation policy is not honored ($50 minimum). Excessive cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to cessation of services. We understand that emergencies arise.

Cancellation of agreement or service:

If you would like to cease receiving service temporarily, long-term or permanently we request 2 weeks notice.

Office Hours

Our standard office hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 5 p.m. We schedule service 5 days per week.


Let us give you a free estimate based on your cleaning needs. Please contact us for your personalized quote.
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